A selection of customer reactions:

Once again thank you for your valuable advice. I enjoy it every day!

D, Rijmenam

We are satisfied all along the line: the ideas, options, fitting your proposals in our interior, you as a person, keeping agreements… Thank you!

H and E, Hofstade

We are very satisfied with the execution of the works.

Your ideas have put us in the right direction to make our dream come true.

They were slightly bolder (gold, white and black) than we had in our mind. But it turned out wonderful.

Once again, thank you for your help.

D and C, Wilrijk

Mieke, your advice was great, really worth it, we thank you so much for this wonderful project!!!

S and L , Tervuren

I am still very happy with the choice of my curtains, thank you! It was definitely a good investment.Meanwhile I had several neighbors passing by and all of them were complimenting the window decoration.

I experienced and appreciated you as a very professional, dynamic and optimistic person.

C and D, Kapelle-op-den-Bos

We truly appreciated your personal contact and your correct approach.

Own participation was very important to us: you listened to our needs and didn’t force your own opinion.The result is magnificent! Thank you!

F and B, Bonheiden

I love how much passion and enthusiasm you put in your job. You really want to help the people and you go all the way.

You have very good ideas and you keep on searching until they match with the ideas of the customers. You have a clear overall view, which we were missing.

We are very grateful for this result.

L and W, Hofstade

We are still pleased that we contacted you regarding our living room and that you introduced your joiner to us. We thoroughly enjoy our new furniture.

If we could do it once again, we would trust you the entire makeover, until the smallest detail of our living room.

L and Y, Kampenhout

We are extremely satisfied. The result is amazing. The installer worked in a way we’ve never seen before: clean, fast and with an eye for detail!

C and F, Bonheiden

We are very very happy. We have been enjoying our sustainable and accessible home for six months now, as if we were on vacation. If you are in the area, always welcome.

R and M, Vilvoorde

The contractor did a fantastic job. I wouldn’t have dared to choose the curtains myself, but the result is
fantastic! The custom made furniture is of an exceptional quality. We are also very satisfied with the lighting thanks to your advice.
The open feeling is wonderful. You have taken us into a whole new story where we would not have arrived there without your help…

L and C, Kapelle o/d Bos

Our family is also delighted about your 3D design!

O and G ,W

Every evening when I close the curtains and turn on the mood lighting, I think: thank you, Mieke!

E and K, Rijmenam

In my entire professional life I have neer seen anyone handle every question professionally, quickly and correctly as you do. Thank you.

C and M, Putte

After two years of putting our house up for sale ourselves, we asked Mieke for advice to prepare our
property for sale. After a very short restyling, she took new pictures of each room and she formulated a better description.
In two months time we have received many visits and from three offers we chose the one that suited us best.
Once again, thank you for your inspiring advice.

R and R Heffen

Thank you for your advice regarding my new-build home. I thought I was a little too early to ask an
interior stylist while making the plan. But Mieke made fundamental changes so that everything became more spacious and cozy. The 3D design helped me to choose the right materials, including sockets and lighting, in order to create a beautiful whole concept. Thank you once again!

W, Reet

I am still enjoying it!
Greetings and many thanks for making our house a real home.

S and B, Kapellen

My wishes and the incidence of the natural light were taken very much into account during the color advice. A Happy Customer

K. uit O.-L.-V.-Waver

Thanks to the amazing 3D designs our investment property was sold quickly.

A., Mechelen

When we stand on our roof terrace, we imagine ourselves in the South. Mission accomplished. Now waiting for summer!.

S. and A., Mechelen

We have been offered practical solutions for matters that we have been puzzling over for years. Thank you Mieke!

A. and M., Willebroek

My new-build home turned out to be smaller after completion. Due to the right choice of materials, colors, furniture and accessories, my home now looks optically larger. Many thanks for your help!

C., Muizen

Being able to make the right choice of curtains, smooth service, professional installation. Recommended!

G. and F., Kessel-Lo

What you can make of a small city garden with a dose of creativity: unbelievable! ongelofelijk!

W. and V., St-Kat-Waver

Mieke is like a ‘house doctor’: we have been looking for this for a long time. Result: beautiful! Thank you!

S. and B., Leefdaal

Our new-build home was cold and uncozy. After placing the curtains and correctly positioning the art and accessories we purchased with Miek, we now have a nesting feeling.

E. and M., St-Kat-Waver

Some color advice, some advice for arranging the placement of the furniture and accessories was all it took to transform our living area. Such a huge difference!

G. and P., Hever

Transforming a small bathroom into a wellness area: proven that it is possible! Thank you Mieke!

K. and M., Rijmenam

Very pleased with our new kitchen: already received so many compliments: nice!

A. and M., Lier

We received very useful tips in terms of division and choice of material for our stripped home. Now we know exactly how to work towards our goal.

L. and T., Kontich

Mieke has taken into account the architecture and the style of our house. Her designs are very well executed by the recommended craftsmen. We are very satisfied with the result!

V. and M., Emblem

Very concrete advice with a beautiful effect

Especially in the beginning we received tips that are free of charge and have immediate effect.
Then we had a fantastic carpenter at home.
An amazing total look.

Now we love being home!

P. and T., St-Kat-Waver

Well done with a bunch of creativity.

The communication was flawless.

We are very happy with the result!

H. and B., Zemst

Mieke has the talent to transform an existing space into a totally new look.

She is very creative and gives good tips in the field of colors, use of materials and design to achieve a harmonious look.

She can make a room seem more spacious and lighter.

She also takes your wishes into account and gives practical advice for implementation.

She is always willing to give advice.

She does it with heart and soul.

V. and W., St-Kat-Waver

Mieke understands the art of giving a poetic beauty to very different spaces.

Enjoying the ‘after’.


G., Mechelen

My shop has become beautiful with a few simple adjustments.

Received many positive comments from regular customers.

So nice to go to work!

M., Mechelen

Our bathroom renovation went very well.

Going shopping together went very smoothly. Thanks to her extensive product knowledge, we were able to make decisions very quickly.

Coordinating the different materials and the right choices of bathroom accessories means that our bathroom is now a gem!

Thank you!

C. and H., Lier

After we moved, Mieke succeeded in creating our own vintage furniture and lighting a fantastic total look.???????? Also the kids corner she integrated in a beautiful way into the living.

Thank you!

L. and I., Hofstade

During the renovation she took my wishes very much into account when choosing the materials.

The works were followed up very well.

She also succeeded in achieving a design interior with a very limited budget for furniture, lighting and accessories.

I like to live back in my house.

W., St-Kat-Waver

Thanks to her advice our beguinage house has become a real pearl!

After sanding and treating the wooden floor, painting, installing new window decoration and adding the right accessories, it is wonderful to live here.

E. and G., Mechelen

Mieke managed to shop a complete living room and dining room, including accessories with us in less than three hours.

Her painting team followed her advice closely and did an excellent job.

It is great to come home!!

P. and L., Beerzel

We followed Mieke’s advice down the smallest detail and we now have to admit that beautiful living really does make you happy!

S. and I., Borsbeek

We already lived nicely in our new-build home. But by choosing together the right works of art and hanging and placing them in the appropriate place, our home is now completely ‘finished’.

Thank you so much!

K. and I., St-Kat-Waver

By calling Mieke for the renovation work, we were able to make the right choices, both in terms of layout and finishing details.

Magnificent result!

S. and I., Rijmenam

Since she has taken care of our shop windows, many more customers have come over. We see our turnover increase.

We should have done this earlier.

Thank you, Mieke!

M. and L., Mechelen