Mieke Van Beersel

Mieke Van Beersel

Since childhood, I have been passionate about interior design and architecture. After a 20-year career in education as an inclusive education support teacher for visually impaired children, I have been able to turn my hobby and passion into my profession.

About us

Our Team

After being at the helm alone for 8 years, it’s a blessing to be supported by two warm, driven, and talented ladies.

Emma Verbinnen (on the right)

Emma is an interior architect. As a creative wizard, she transforms your desires into a beautiful 3D design. Because a unique design is the foundation of a splendid realization.

Eve Daenen (on the left)

Eve is passionate about decoration, colors, and spatial dressing. She brings style, ambiance, and personality together in the desired palette, completing the picture perfectly. Because the right decor makes all the difference.

Our Philosophy

People love to come home to a unique interior where they feel good, happy, and can truly enjoy. You can create a magnificent and personal interior without extensive renovations or costly investments.

Together with our team of passionate professionals, we dedicate ourselves to realizing your dream interior.

Our Motto

 “Because a beautiful home is a source of happiness.”